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eEnergize - EMS Massage Pad

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EMS Technology

EMS has been proven effective by medicine, and many hospitals are now treating patients with it. Our eEnergize EMS Pad uses household-level EMS current.

  • Accelerate metabolism and facilitate fat burn
  • stimulate the resting muscle fibers to improve their strength
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Relieve edema
  • Relaxation of the body such as foot, ankle, achilles tendon, muscle
3 Vibration Modes & 8 Levels of Intensity

This device may operate at a maximum frequency of up to 10000 HZ, stimulating the acupuncture points, nerve and muscle directly.


Low-frequency mode 
Tighten the muscles and provide emergency relief for swelling.
Medium frequency mode 
Stimulate the muscle to move autonomously so that you can even complete this without moving whilst sitting down.
High-frequency modes 

Reduce lactic acid accumulation in muscles and help you to recover after exercise.

Simply attach the pads to clean skin directly, and then turn on the device and select your desired function.

Enhances The Effect of Yoga
eEnergize can temporarily strengthen, tone, or firm muscles and gives the user complete freedom of movement while performing wireless training. With electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), discover the most natural modulation frequencies ever.

Foldable Design

Portable, lightweight, and foldable, it is easy to carry anywhere. Our eEnergize massage cushion is made with a soft material, making it convenient to roll up and fold into a bag or pack in a suitcase. No matter where you are, you can relax a little.

USB Charging

Featuring a built-in rechargeable battery, the device can be charged via a Type-C cable more conveniently. 


Package included:

1 x eEnergize EMS massager

1 x storage bag

1 x spray bottle

1 x Type-C charger

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